J.D. & Billy Hines Trucking, Inc.
Since 1936
86 Years of Excellence
Through Safety and Performance

"We Will Haul It"

About HTI

We Will Haul It!

Hines Trucking, Inc. has 86 years experience in custom hauling, regional transportation, and equipment maintenance. HTI built our reputation and business on getting wood chips and other timber by-products to mills when they need them — 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year.

Hines Trucking is customer-oriented, flexible and able to handle mills' needs, which vary greatly from day to day. We have the equipment to handle the "ups and downs". We can move trucks and drivers to meet any demand. Customers can call us at any time - day or night, and we can adjust our schedule to meet their needs.

A Message From HTI's President

Billy Hines
Billy R. Hines
President & CEO
Hines Trucking, Inc.

I would like to take a few moments of your time to introduce our company.

Hines Trucking is the most experienced, innovative, and customer-service oriented transportation operation in the region. We have worked with the saw mill, paper mill, and chip mill industries since 1936. Because of our tailored equipment specs, our trucks can haul more product per load than other carriers. Our trucks are equipped with state-of-the-art communication and tracking systems, which allow for immediate contact with our trucks when information needs to be exchanged between dispatchers and drivers. Hines Trucking is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for our customers.

Safety is given highest priority and is represented by our satisfactory Department of Transportation rating and employee incentive programs such as our Safety Bonus Program, Workers' Compensation Safety Incentive Program, Highway Safety Program, and annual Safety Awards Banquet.

Hines Trucking will provide your company with customized service, tailored to meet your individual needs. Our drivers will follow your company's rules, load their trucks with minimal product spillage, promptly cleanup any spillage, make certain any equipment used by them is properly cared for, and work in cooperation with your yard supervisor.

Along with a 64-miles-per-hour restriction and only hauling the legal weight limit, our trucks are equipped for safety devices such as anti-lock brakes and reflective tape. Hines Trucking's drivers receive thorough safety training during orientation and are on 30, 60, and 90 day review to provide certainty that they are meeting our expectations and our customers' needs.

Our Equipment

Hines Trucking, Inc. has a variety of transportation equipment designed to maximize the load-carrying capacity of freight, while at the same time facilitating quick loading and unloading.

Chip Haul Equipment

Our chip-haul equipment includes
  • 45-foot live floor trailers
  • 48-foot and 50-foot drop center trailers
  • 42-foot, 43-foot, and 45-foot chip vans
  • Over 140 company trucks
Our trucks are equipped with mobile communications and tracking systems and electronic on-board recorders. In our efforts to preserve the environment, we are able to average over 6 miles per gallon.

Most of our newer (since 2012) tractors have many state-of-the-art systems:
  • VORAD with side object detection to help avoid collisions
  • Roll stability with traction control system that automatically reduces engine power, applies engine brakes, tractor brakes and/or trailer brakes when the vehicle is at risk of rolling over
  • Electronic onboard recorders (EOBR)
  • Emissions controls that produce exhausts cleaner than the air taken in!

Our chip haul trucks pioneered the industry with "super single" tires. Trailers have only 4 tires, instead of the customary 8 tires. Tractors have 6 tires instead of the customary 10 tires. The reduced tire weight allows each load to carry about two additional tons, and increases the miles per gallon fuel efficiency.

Flatbed Equipment

Our flatbed equipment includes
  • Tractors with sleeper cabs
  • 48-foot flatbed trailers
  • Over 20 company trucks
Our trucks are equipped with mobile communications and tracking systems and electronic on-board recorders. In our efforts to preserve the environment, we are able to average over 6 miles per gallon.

Log Haul Equipment

Our log haul equipment includes
  • Tractors
  • Trailers
  • Company trucks
Our trucks are equipped with mobile communications and tracking systems and electronic on-board recorders. In our efforts to preserve the environment, we are able to average over 6 miles per gallon.

Other Equipment

HTI operates two fuel sites at mills to assist drivers in fast and efficient refueling.

History of Hines Trucking

Hines Trucking was founded by J.D. Hines in 1936. One truck hauled logs, lumber and gravel in the local area of Prescott, Arkansas. In 1969, J.D. partnered with his son, Billy Hines, who had returned from college. Billy was the main mechanic, the tire repair guy, and the manager. Father and son continued to haul gravel, but added additional equipment. In 1976, the partnership was incorporated into J.D. & Billy Hines Trucking, Inc.

HTI was awarded its first chip hauling contract in 1979. Many more contracts followed. The chip-haul/short-haul division grew to 140 trucks and served southeast Oklahoma, northeast Texas, south Arkansas, and north Louisiana.

In 1983, HTI joined the Arkansas Trucking Association. Also in 1983, the Interstate Commerce Commission granted a General Commodities Authority for 48 states. A long haul division started with flatbed trailers started in 1984. Refrigerated trailers were added in 1986. Dry vans were added in 1989. That long haul division was sold in November 1990.

Billy acquired the company in 1984, and became President and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. J.D. passed away in 1986.

The company had been operating from tiny facilities in the downtown area. At one time, the shop was in the building of an old pickle factory! After a couple additions, space for expansion had been exhausted. In 1987, HTI moved to a multi-building campus adjacent to Interstate 30, with ample room for offices, shop, and parking. Facilities have expanded several times.

In 1989, 33 years ago, HTI was an early adopter of the single tire system for chip trucks.

In 1995, Hines Fiber Recovery and Processing, Inc. was founded to process wood waster into boiler fuel.

In August 2005, HTI started a flatbed/longhaul division with 6 trucks which grew to include 45 trucks operating mostly in the southeastern US. In January 2006, HTI began a log haul operation consisting of 5 trucks which expanded to 11 trucks. In October 2007, HTI purchased a Winnfield, Louisiana company that added 11 trucks.

Billy Hines was featured in the April 2008 cover story of the Arkansas Trucking Report ( Open PDF of Story, obtain PDF Viewer, if needed ). Hines Trucking was named "Best Trucking Company" for 2008 and for 2009 in the Arkansas Business magazine's "Best of Business Awards".

In 2010, HTI was the recipient of a grant funded by the and administered by the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality. The Diesel Emissions Reduction Funding Assistance Program, or Go RED! (Reduce Emissions from Diesels), funded 35 auxiliary power units with heating and cooling so that tractors can when drivers are waiting to load or unload. An additional 12 units were funded in a subsequent grant.

In 2012, Walter McGill, who has driven for us since 1979, exceeded the mark of four million safe miles driven. Fourteen of our drivers are in the "Million Mile Club", with a total of 25 millions safe driving miles.

On October 27, 2012, Hines Trucking acquired the chip haul division of Harvest Haul, Inc. of Magnolia, Mississippi, which included 43 tractors and 96 trailers. On May 23, 2014, HTI moved to the Old Fernwood Industrial Park with adequate office and maintenance space.

During the November 4-6, 2021 NASTC Conference in Nashville, Tennessee, HTI's Dofort Harris was named to the 2021-2022 Driver of the Year Team (pictured front row, on the right).