Annual Safety and Awards Banquet

Each year, Hines Trucking holds it's annual Safety and Awards Banquet. Here are links to banquet programs media coverage (most are PDF, obtain PDF Viewer, if needed ):

HTI's Banquets for Year 2019 had to be cancelled because of the CoViD-19 Threats in 2020
Here are the presentations that were to have been made at the banquets:
Arkansas Region Awards and Recognitions for 2019
Mississippi Region Awards and Recognitions for 2019
HTI's Banquets for Year 2018, A Country Picnic
6th Banquet on April 13, 2019
27th Banquet on March 30, 2019 Coverage
HTI's Banquets for Year 2017, A Fiesta
5th Mississippi Banquet on April 14, 2018
26th Banquet on March 24, 2018
HopePrescott.Com Coverage
HTI's Banquets for Year 2016, Excellence Through Safety and Performance
4th Mississippi Banquet on April 22, 2017
25th Banquet on March 25, 2017
HTI's Banquets for Year 2015, Celebrating 80 Years!
3rd Mississippi Banquet on April 2, 2016
24th Banquet on March 19, 2016
HTI's Banquets for Year 2014, Fabulous 50s
2nd Mississippi Banquet on April 18, 2016
23rd Banquet on March 28, 2015
HTI's Banquets for Year 2013, A Jungle Celebration
1st Mississippi Banquet on May 3, 2014
22nd Banquet on March 29, 2014
Winners Pictures 22nd Banquet
Nevada County Picayune on April 9, 2014, page 12
HTI's Banquet for Year 2012, At the Carinval
21st Banquet on March 23, 2013
Winners Advertisement in Newspaper
HTI's Banquet for Year 2011, A Mardi Gras Celebration
20th Banquet on March 31, 2012
Winners Advertisement in Newspaper
HTI's Banquet for Year 2010, March 26, 2011, Celebrate 75 Years!
HopePrescott.Com Coverage March 27, 2011
Nevada Picayune Coverage March 29, 2011
Winners Advertisement in Newspaper

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