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Flatbed Customer Service and Dispatch

Serving Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, West Virgina, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississsippi, Tennessee, and Kentucky.
Jeff McNeal, Arkansas Regional Operations Manager
  • Phone: 870.887.9464
  • Fax: 870.887.0241
  • Jeff@HinesTrucking.Com
Jerry Lyles, Agent
  • Phone: 601.442.1176
  • Fax: 888.322.1286
Roger Buckley, Driver Manager
  • Phone: 870.887.9446
  • Toll-Free: 800.566.5051
  • Fax: 870.887.0241
  • Roger@HinesTrucking.Com
Louis Brolo, Director of Operations
  • Phone: 870.887.9407
  • Fax: 870.887.6176
  • Louis@HinesTrucking.Com

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