Telephone Calls and e-Mail Messages from Hines Trucking

Telephone Calls From Hines Trucking

However, it is very easy to "spoof" any telephone number. Therefore, if you question whether or not a telephone call made to you really comes from HTI, please call 870.887.9400, option 0, and ask for the person identified to you as making the call.

E-mail Messages from

If you receive an e-mail message from Hines Trucking and want to be certain it is really from us, here are a couple ways to get the answer.

Telephone Us!

All e-mail messages from HTI employees contain the employee name and their local telephone number. The local numbers begin with 870.887.94xx (Prescott, Arkansas) and 601.996.63xx (McComb, Mississippi). Call that number and ask.

E-mail messages from the company that works with us on employment applications usually lists one of HTI's toll-free numbers. For these, we suggest you telephone 870.887.9400, option 0, then ask for the person or department mentioned in the e-mail message.

Technical Method

Check the headers/envelope for the message. If your receiving e-mail server supports DKIM, SPF, and DMARC, there should be a line beginning with:
soon followed by these phrases, in any order, along with other information:
Notes: Only e-mail messages from HTI employees is signed with DKIM. E-mail messages from the company that works with us on employment applications is not yet signed.

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