Our Equipment

Hines Trucking, Inc. has a variety of transportation equipment designed to maximize the load-carrying capacity of freight, while at the same time facilitating quick loading and unloading.

Our chip-haul equipment includes Our trucks are equipped with mobile communications and tracking systems and electronic on-board recorders. We average over 6 miles per gallon.

Most of our newer (since 2012) tractors have many state-of-the-art systems:

Our chip haul trucks pioneered the industry with "super single" tires. Trailers have only 4 tires, instead of the customary 8 tires. Tractors have 6 tires instead of the customary 10 tires. The reduced tire weight allows each load to carry about two additional tons, and increases the miles per gallon fuel efficiency.

Other Equipment

HTI operates three fuel sites at mills to assist drivers in fast and efficient refueling.

Equipment For Sale

From time-to-time, HTI has equipment for sale. Tap here for the list.

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