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HTI Maintenance

Hines Trucking operates our own shop in Prescott, Arkansas with nearly 20 employees and a second shop in Fernwood, Mississippi. The Prescott shop operates 24 hours a day Monday through Friday and during daytime on weekends. The Fernwood shop operates during daytime hours on weekdays.

Equipment is well-maintained according to preventive maintenance schedules to keep safe and within DOT guidelines including CSA2010 requirements.

HTI utilitzes maintenance software based on miles, days or years to determine when services are due.

In addition to our shop, HTI utilizes many outside service locations.

Prescott Shop

J.D. & Billy Hines Trucking, Inc.
381 Hines Boulevard
Prescott AR 71857-9760

Shop Phone: 870.887.9425
Fax: 870.887.6349

Shop Manager - Prescott

Greg McBride
  • Phone: 870.887.9422
  • Fax: 870.887.6349
  • Greg@HinesTrucking.Com

McComb Office & Shop

J.D. & Billy Hines Trucking, Inc.
1190 Frank Oakes Road
McComb MS 39648-8013

McComb Phone: 601.996.6300
McComb Fax: 601.996.6378

Shop Manager - McComb

Tommy Johnson
  • Phone: 601.996.6367
  • Fax: 601.996.6378
  • Tommy@HinesTrucking.Com

Tire Manager

David Jackson
  • Phone: 870.887.9429
  • Fax: 870.887.6349
  • David@HinesTrucking.Com

Service Manager

Steve Brzeski
  • Phone: 870.887.9428
  • Fax: 870.887.6349
  • Steve@HinesTrucking.Com

Maintenance Director

Wayne Morrow
  • Phone: 870.887.9426
  • Fax: 870.887.6349
  • Wayne@HinesTrucking.Com

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