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HTI's Privacy Policy

J.D. and Billy Hines Trucking, Inc. of Prescott, Arkansas operates our web site, www.HinesTrucking.com, to provide details about our company and as a starting point for persons seeking employment with our company.

By using this website, you consent to the collection of information in the manners and for the purposes outlined on this web page.

Information about your use of our website is collected using server logs that are used by almost every internet web server. The collected information consists of the following: We may use the gathered information to help us make our site more useful to visitors and to better understand how and when our site is used. We may use a session cookie (named PHPSESSID) so our server can provide entitled content during your visit.

We do not track or collect personally identifiable information or associate gathered personally identifiable information with any data from other sources, except when the web site user is requesting data from our business system:
In these cases, the information submitted to our web server is encrypted using the https protocol, and passes between our web server and our business system through internal, not public internet, connections.

We do not share the information we collect from our web server with any other parties. However, we provide hyperlinks to, or utilize the services of third parties which may ask for personally identifiable information. Details about some of these services and providers may be found by following these hyperlinks:
Company or organization Related web sites
Driver Reach Online job applications
Smartway/EPA SmartWay Partnership and the United States Environmental Protection Agency
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The privacy policy of the other web site applies when the URL does not begin with "https://www.hinestrucking.com/".

If you have any questions about HTI's Web Site Privacy Policy, please contact us: